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What do we offer?

East Side Solar Holdings develops community solar projects.  We identify suitable land sites and work with landowners that might be seeking to either repurpose a portion of their land and receive a long-term fixed payment under a lease agreement or an up front payment for the sale of the land.  We design the project, work with local, state and federal authorities on the necessary approvals and then construct and interconnect the project to the local power grid.

What is Community Solar?

East Side Solar Holdings focuses on community solar projects, sometimes referred to as solar farms or community supported solar.  These are smaller projects that serve local residents and small businesses reducing the need for large, centralized fossil fuel-fired power stations and high voltage transmission lines.

Most electricity consumers either cannot afford the large upfront costs of on-site solar or don’t want to deal with the headaches of constructing a project on their roof.  A community solar project allows consumers to purchase power through a subscription thereby providing a greater number of residents and small businesses with access to the cost benefits of solar energy.

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Value to Landowners

​Take underutilized land, generate clean power for the community and get paid for it.

Stable, long-term cash flow: Landowners receive a fixed lease payment, or an up front payment to purchase the land, providing certainty.  Farming and ranching is highly variable and a community solar project can bring stability.

“Leave no trace” construction and decommissioning: Solar projects are simple and do not require irreversible changes to land use.  After the project is retired, the land can easily be returned to its prior use.

Clean power for the community: Electricity generated by solar is clean and reliable.  Local residents and small businesses are able to subscribe to specific projects and know exactly where their power is coming from.

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Typical Project Timeline


After signing a lease or a purchase option we undergo a more in depth site feasibility study.

Step 2. PROJECT APPROVALS (6+ months)

We then work with local, state and federal authorities on the required approvals to begin construction.

Step 3. CONSTRUCTION (3-6+ months)

The project is constructed and interconnected to the local power grid.

Step 4. OPERATIONS (25+ years)

Lease payments begin and power is sold to local residents and small businesses under subscriptions.

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Experience:  Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in the power industry and we have been active in solar for nearly 15 years.  We have worked across all facets of the industry at market leading firms covering project development, engineering, construction management, operations and maintenance, asset management, finance and mergers & acquisitions.  Our vast network of contacts within the industry allows us to move quickly and deliver the highest quality product to our land partners.

Why: “I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” – Thomas Edison.  The cost of solar has come down to a point where it is competitive with other power generation technologies and there are no harmful emissions or environmental waste.  We take pride in being involved in the energy transition and would love to have you join us on our journey.

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